13 Tips for a Healthier Life

13 Tips for a Healthier Life

This subject could be approached from either a spiritual or strictly health oriented basis.  I believe it must contain both because we are spiritual beings encased in a human physical form.

1.           Get Rid of the Bad Stuff

If we are going to talk about attaining a higher level of existence, we must first get rid of the bad stuff.  In the physical sense that means that we must do the obvious – stop smoking, stop excessive drinking, stop excessive eating, stop compulsive snacking, stop harmful drug use and abuse and stop any bad habit you know is harmful to you.
On the spiritual side, you must also stop all of those behaviors that while they may not appear to be harmful in the short run, will ultimately shorten your life.  The first of these would be hate and resentment. And the antidote is forgiveness – no matter how hard that may appear to be – you must.

2.           Put in the Good Stuff

If the first rule is to get rid of the bad stuff, then the second rule should be to put in the good stuff.  The fuel we use will depend on how well our engines run both in the short term and the long term.  Obviously, if we put fast food, greasy food or diets high in saturated fatty acids into our arteries, then the plumbing that carries the nutrition to the various parts of our bodies is going to get clogged.   You can call that a stroke or a heart attack, but it really is a lifelong abuse of the wrong kind of “gasoline”.  The Mediterranean diet, which is rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fresh fish, poultry and game meats, and yes wine, is probably the best diet. 

Putting the right spiritual fuel into your body is a very personal issue, but what is not personal is that it must be universal.  By that I mean whatever your belief systems are, you should not ignore them but spend the time to develop them, nourish them, grow in them and reap peace and happiness while in them.

3.           Exercise

So, if you have stopped the bad stuff and put in the good stuff, now your emphasis should be on development.  By that I mean the “e” word – exercise.  But not necessarily the way you are currently thinking.  Physical exercise has a definition: 200 minus your age, minus a safety fudge factor of another 20 pulses, and then sustain that pulse rate for 20 to 30 minutes three times a week. Boring!! My definition is to do something, anything that you like to do about three times a week. If it’s on a machine indoors, make sure there is a TV in front of you because all of the studies say you won’t stick with it otherwise.  Personally, I think it is better to exercise outside doing something that you enjoy.  Walking, running, baseball, surfing, rowing or whatever.

4.           Supplement Your Diet

The soil in the United States is for the most part depleted from enough top soil to give us the right amount of nutrition.  The average thickness is now at three inches and the agronomists say that we need six inches to give us the proper amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants naturally.  Therefore, I believe that we need to supplement our diets with these nutrients.  Vitamins are enzyme “co-factors” – they merely accelerate the metabolic processes that should be normally going on in our bodies.  These should come from organic farms whenever possible, and if they are from animal source, organic is even more important. The best sources of amino acids are from organically raised farm animals. The antioxidants come from all three sources: fruits, vegetables and organically-raised farm animals.

5.           Build Balance

Balance in life could be defined as allocating the right amount of time to the right things to achieve the desired results.  Most of this will be dependent on your station in life, your age, your health, your commitments, your beliefs, the amount of children you either have or don’t have, whether you’re married or not and, yes, even your given genetic material. People are always telling me that they just cannot find the time to do this or that. 

Personally, I’ve never seen time, the only thing I know is that you have to build it into your schedule and balance is the same. You have to build balance into your schedule.

6.           Do Things That Make You Feel Good

Do the things that make you feel good! That could be reading a book, doing a random act of kindness (I always like paying for the guy behind me at a toll booth), going to or watching a comedic movie, volunteering, picking up a hobby that you haven’t done in years, calling an old school mate, planting a garden, cleaning out your closet just so you can call your favorite charity to pick them up, the list is endless.

7.           Drink Lots of Water

Drink a lot of water. Eight glasses a day for women and ten for men. Your skin will look better, and you’ll feel lighter in just three days.  Your vision will probably bet a little better and you’ll even begin to think better.  The brain requires the most water.

8.           Stretch Often

Stretching every morning will allow you to have less of those aches and pains we get as we age. You’ll stand taller and have a lot less back aches.  I usually do mine right in bed every morning, it takes about three minutes, and I seem to have less aches at the end of the day.

9.           Set Goals

Set a new goal in various aspects of your life.  The triangle of life is usually love, money and work.  Therein lies most of the stress (and happiness) we have, so by setting a small but realistic goal in each of these arenas, you will have less stress and operate at a higher level. I believe it was Mark Twain who said he’d never seen a depressed man with a goal, and he had never seen a man with a goal who was depressed.

10.      Cut Down of Caffeine and Sodium

Read your labels and cut down on caffeine and sodium.  If it comes in a can, then it has on average 900 times as much sodium as the fresh component. If it is frozen, then it usually has 300 times as much sodium as the fresh component. Innumerable studies have shown that one or two cups of coffee is not detrimental to your health. What is detrimental is the 6-10 cups-a-day habit.  So, if you drink a lot of coffee, then consume several caffeine sodas and then an occasional “energy drink”, you’re in caffeine overload.

11.      Have More Sex

If you are in a relationship, have more sex. Studies have shown that the more sex you have, the longer you live. In addition to that, it releases endorphins in the brain that make you feel better. Regular sex with orgasms has been shown to decrease the cramps during menstrual cycles. Episodic sex has also been shown to be a contributor to prostate problems.

12.      Positive Affirmations

Recite a positive affirmation to yourself every morning. Make sure they are what you really want because you will in some way, at some time, really get what you ask for.  I once asked an old man who is now extremely rich and had been broke several times in his life how he kept bouncing back, and he told me that every morning and throughout the day he would recite the following words to himself, “I want massive wealth, perfect health, abundant happiness and a long and free life to enjoy it all.” It worked for him, and I can attest that it has worked for me in life.

13.      Live for Today

James Dean said, “Dream as though you’ll live forever, and live as though you’ll die today.” My mother said, “Work as though it depended only on you, but pray as though it depended only on God.” Live in the now. Yesterday is old news, tomorrow may not come and life can turn on a dime today. My father used to say that living for tomorrow was like throwing money in the ocean thinking one day it would be there for you – probably tomorrow.  The most successful people are the ones that are the busiest, and more of those are the ones who make their daily lists and get them done – today.

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