Caution! Beware! 

All cars are the same. We know that to be inheritably FALSE. The same for colostrum! 

If the primary ingredient on the back of the bottle does not say “colostrum” then it’s not really colostrum. 

If there isn’t a breakdown on the back of the bottle under “Supplement Facts” denoting the amount of Immunoglobulins (IgG > 35 gm) or growth factors IGF -1 (2.0 ug/g) then it is probably inferior grade colostrum. 

The reason all of them do not have what nature wanted to give you is because they are all “pasteurized” or “spray dried”. Both of these processes destroy almost 90% of the nutrients you are supposed to be getting! 

Both of the above processing procedures “denature” or destroy the proteins leaving you with a grossly inferior product. Our product is processed completely under refrigeration and cold filtered to sterility, thereby giving you all the amazing nutrients and without chemical preservatives. 

We only use first and second milking of organic cows and organic farms to ensure the HIGHEST QUALITY and the maximum benefits. 

Beware! All colostrum is NOT the same!!

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