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Men tend to not be multi-taskers, but rather focus on one thing at a time. So from a mental stand point, men do better when they have a specific goal to attain. This keeps them focused and out of depression.

There is an evolutionary reason why male cardinals are bright red while the female is not...and likewise with the male baboon who has a large red derriere. Males are supposed to attract the female. A human man is most attractive when he has the male habitus which is wide shoulders, narrow waist and a small firm buttocks. So it is important that males should do what ever it takes to look like that and that means working out and having a healthy diet. Obese men have more fat which means that they store more Estrogen than a thin man which makes the former both less attractive and docile in their behavior.

Sexual health is extremely important to a young man and having an outlet for this pent up drive makes most men have a more even keel to their behavior. There is an old adage that states if a man is satisfied sexually, has plenty to eat and has a goal then he is totally content. Women are a little more complex than that.

The problem with men is that if the goal is too consuming then the nutrition usually takes a back seat. Taking the appropriate supplements may balance the internal milieu. We believe that Telemorx is that one single supplement he needs. 

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