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Preventative medicine has failed in the U.S. primarily because people have failed to define it properly.  We use the word preventative to mean eat right, take your appropriate supplements and maintain the correct weight.  Right? ... Wrong!


Let’s take the flu for example.  We are all using alcohol hand wipes to prevent catching the flu and while it is true the hands are the most common route to infect us, the flu is an intestinal virus.  So how many of us are taking supplements that bathe the intestines in immunoglobulins that really do kill the virus at it’s entry point?  Not many.


Preventative medicine for obesity should start at its main cause, too many calories.  Fat has 9 calories per gram, protein 4.5 and carbohydrates only 4 calories per gram.  So start by eliminating fat.  


The second cause for obesity is sedentary lifestyle. Study after study has recognized that you have to be distracted to exercise.  So if you want to exercise at home make sure there is a television to distract you.  If you want to go outside to exercise then bring a friend to talk to (women have figured this out very well) or some form of musical distraction.


Europeans who tend to be thinner are always surprised at the portions we serve ourselves or those restaurants who overdo it. Eat smaller portions.


Have you ever tasted a European pastry?  They are delicious but not overly sweet.  Let’s face it as a country we consume more sugar per capita than any other nation on earth.  Preventative medicine means your diet should have no more than 50% of your calories coming from sweets.


Preventative medicine for those already in shape means stretching, stretching and more stretching.


Preventative medicine for driving is obvious, a seatbelt.

What is the most common injury showing up in the ER’s in America? Back injuries. Home Depot and many others all require Velcro back braces on everyone, but how many of us use one of them while working around the house?  Preventative medicine says to use one all the time while working hard.


You get my point.  Preventative medicine is an all-encompassing, constantly adhering to rules and commons sense.  This is the flu season so put the odds in your favor.  Take 2 capsules of Telemorx® daily for your best protection.


-       Roger Y. Murray, M.D., Fellow A.B.V.L.M., P.A.

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