Patented Cold Process & Ultra Filtration

Our 100% pure organic colostrum is processed via a patented method of centrifucation, enzymatic emulsification, micro-filtration and ultra-micro-filtrated to sterility and then freeze dried. It is not pasteurized or spray dried, which destroys most of the active ingredients in colostrum. The farms are E.U. Certified which means they have not had any herbicides or pesticides on the soil for at least 5 years. The soil is tested for contaminants on a regular basis. All cows are tested for Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (B.S.E - commonly known as mad cow disease) and Parainfluenza on an annual basis.

Dr. Murray's Patented Cold Process and Ultra Filtration

Here's Why Our 100% Pure Organic Colostrum Is the Absolute Best You Can Buy

Download PDF chart: Learn more about our patented cold processing

Learn About Our Patented Cold Processing

Download this chart to read about the steps in our patented cold processing, which results in the highest quality bioavailability for our colostrum products, which contain the maximum amount of enzymes, growth factors, immunoglobulins and vitamins.

Cold Processed vs. Pasteurized

Cold Processing Comparison Test

See for yourself how our patented cold process delivers a higher-grade colostrum with more nutrients than pasteurized versions.

Here's Additional Helpful Information

Be sure to download these PDFs to learn even more about Colostrum and Telemorx© specifications, and read some of our medical studies.

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