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Telemorx, Liquid Colostrum and Telemorx Plus

Dr. Murray's® Telemorx®, Telemorx Plus® and Liquid Colostrum

Improve Your Health and Wellness

Boost your brain function with Dr. Murray's Memory Enhancement Formula

Dr. Murray's® Telemorx®, Telemorx Plus® and Liquid Colostrum are derived from organic bovine colostrum.
Colostrum is produced by cows for their calves' feeding within the first 48 hours of birth to boost their immune systems.

We're proud to offer the highest quality cold processed colostrum on the market to help you feel younger and healthier.
Our colostrum is produced by a patented refrigerated process and is not pasteurized or spray-dried to retain the highest bio-availability.
Bovine colostrum is 99% bio-identical to human colostrum.


Dr. Murray's Telemorx capsules to boost your energy and improve your health and well-being.

Telemorx® capsules are made from organic cold processed and ultra-filtrated Bovine Colostrum.

  • • Casein Free
  • • Gluten Free
  • • No GMO Ingredients
  • • Certified EU Organic
  • • Growth Factor Enhanced


Dr. Murray's Liquid Colostrum cold-filtered liquid bovine colostrum has a faster absorption rate than colostrum in capsule form.

What's the difference between Telemorx® and our 100% pure organic Liquid Colostrum? Dr. Murray's® Liquid Colostrum has all of the benefits of Telemorx® but in a liquid form!, which has a faster absorption rate than capsules.


Dr. Murray's Telemorx Plusis liquid colostrum that has been diverted through special filters and added to our regular Telemorx to become Telemorx Plus.

Telemorx® Plus capsules are made from organic liquid colostrum that has been diverted through special filters to collect IgG and this is then added to our regular Telemorx® to become Telemorx® Plus.

Our Customers Love Dr. Murrays®Telemorx®, Telemorx Plus® and Liquid Colostrum. Read Their Reviews:

5 Stars
Faster Recovery - Colustrum helps
I am a 62 year old runner who enjoy running 3 to 5 miles a day. Life, or time, caught up with me and I found myself unable to recover but every 3 days. Last month, I ran 5 miles every day with amazing recovery! The quality of my life is now where it used to be years ago. Thank you Dr. Murray!
Reviewed by:

5 Stars
Feeling Better!
I teach 5th grade and every November through February I was constantly sick! I do not recall who told me about Telemorx but I know it is another teacher bragging about never getting sick during flu season!
Reviewed by:
5 Stars
Telemorx helped my son
My 5 year old son came down with Crown disease a year ago. We tried all of the new medicines, some of the old, and some of the natural homeopathic ones also. As soon as we started giving him Telemorx, the bloody stools went down to nothing and his pains were immensely better. I understand they are all natural and organic by European standards and I am sure they had a great deal to do with my son's now normal life.
Reviewed by:

5 Stars
Telemorx makes me feel great!
The nutrition in America is bad! The richer our country becomes the worse our food gets. My way out of this dilemma is to take daily 2 Telemorx pills and I feel great. 
Reviewed by: