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Dr. Murray's® Telemorx® Line of Nutraceuticals.
Live Forever Young & Healthy!

We're proud to offer a great selection of high-quality nutraceuticals to improve your overall health and well-being. All of our products are meticulously researched, developed and evaluated by Roger Y. Murray, M.D., Fellow A.B.V.L.M., P.A. Dr. Murray has created our products with your overall health and well-being as his primary focus.

Featured Products

Rejuvé Facial Cream (50ml)
Your Price: $112.00
Telemorx® Plus
Your Price: $99.95
Rejuvé Facial Cream (30ml)
Your Price: $80.00
Memory Enhancement Formula
Average Rating1 Review(s)
Your Price: $69.95
Your Price: $69.95
The Almost Complete Book of Sex
Your Price: $44.95
Liquid Colostrum
Your Price: $39.95
Prostate Health Formula
Your Price: $29.95
Forever Young and Healthy
Your Price: $24.95
Success Today
Your Price: $19.95
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